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The Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) is Canada’s largest association for supply chain management professionals. We represent 7,500 members as well as the wider profession working in roles that cover sourcing, procurement, logistics, inventory, and contract management. SCMA sets the standards for excellence and ethics, and is the principal source of professional development and accreditation in supply chain management in Canada.

Impact of the Supply Chain Profession

The supply chain management profession makes a significant contribution to Canada’s economy and provides a critical competitive advantage for all enterprises. Latest research reveals that SCMA members control more than $130 billion in annual spend. The standard of living we all enjoy through timely, cost-effective access to a range of innovative, high-quality goods and services is directly linked to the professional practice of supply chain management. The profession favourably influences the social and economic success of, not only Canadians, but citizens worldwide.

SCMA is an original member of the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) and the only Canadian association representing this country’s supply chain management professionals in IFPSM .

Who are SCMA Members?

SCMA members add value to all sectors of the Canadian economy and are found within organizations of every size. Some of the largest sectors employing supply chain management professionals are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Services
  • Natural Resources
  • Retail
  • Government, Health Care and Education

How is SCMA Structured?

A non-profit association, SCMA is a federation of the National Secretariat, and the Provincial and Territorial Institutes, working together to achieve a common mission and vision.

Education and accreditation programs are developed by the SCMA National office and delivered through the Institutes. Additionally, the National partner is responsible for national branding plans, federal government relations and international strategic alliances. Institute partners are responsible for communicating with their membership, recruiting new members and conferring the SCMP designation.

SCMA’s strategic objectives are determined by a Board of Directors, with representatives both appointed by the Institutes and elected from the association membership. Headquartered in Toronto, the SCMA National office is managed by a full-time professional staff.